bed & breakfast

11 rooms, 30 beds

The charm of Lapland, the natural peace.
Nightless night, northern lights. 



2 rooms (5 beds) + kitchen + toilet


1 room (3 beds) + kitchen + toilet


1 room (3 beds), toilet on the corridor


Small room for 1 person, toilet on the corridor


1 room with a kitchen, bunk bed + toilet; 
own entrance, separated from the main building
In the shower from the outside


4 rooms for 2 persons,
2 rooms for 4 persons;
kitchen, shower and toilet on the corridor
separated from the main building


B&B, camping, caravan

Sauna and shower

Cooking hut

During summer time a traditional Finnish buffet breakfast is available every morning from 7.30 to 9.30.

Services at Vuotso village
| grocery store | fuel station | pharmacy | post office | Saami art & crafts shop |

Vuotson Maja B&B is located next to the road E75, which
is the shortest and best way from central Europe to
the most northern tip of Europe, Nord Cape.
Routes Eurovelo 11 and 13 goes right next to Vuotson Maja,
which has served cyclists for more than 70 years.

• You can stay either in our rooms, tent, hammock or caravan/camper.
• You can book a traditional Finnish sauna.

• We have a safe storage for bikes, as well as a washing area
and necessary tools; also batteries can be charged.

• During summer time a traditional Finnish buffet breakfast
is available every morning from 7.30 to 9.30. 
Welcome to our home Vuotson Maja!
Eeva ja Jouko

Book activities here

The activities are located in the Tankavaara Gold Village, about 10 kilometers from Vuotson Maja.
Ask transportation services at Vuotson Maja.


Vuotson Maja in Sodankylä has sparked a new life in skilled hands – almost after 50 years of silence. Eeva-Liisa and Jouko Vainioranta bought the buildings from the Gold Prospector Museum Foundation in 2013, and have opened their home as a B&B in 2015. Vuotson Maja is a representative example of the reconstruction architecture and development policy. Traditional renovation was inspired by the wilderness and the natural peace of the village.

Vuotson Maja has a long and colorful history. The Sami village of Vuotso was born in the late 19th century when the Samis from Norway, Enontekiö and Utsjoki searched for new residential areas. During the 1910s, the first guesthouse was established in the house of Iisakki Hetta. There were Laplander’s huts made of turf near the lodge, and those huts were presented frequently in contemporary travel stories.

In the 1920s the state built a guesthouse in Vuotson Maja’s present position. There was also a custom house. Inari, Utsjoki, Enontekiö and Petsamo were free from sales tax, ie Norway was allowed to import and export goods free of duty within municipalities. The traffic of goods was monitored in Vuotso from 1923 to 1937, after that custom house was transferred upper north to Laanila.

The present building was once again built by the state, tourist association opened a guesthouse in 1949. Postal and telegraph services, bus station and police station with its counters were also provided. Vuotson Maja was closed to tourists in 1966.

During the second world war, in 1942–1944, the village of Vuotso was filled with thousands of German soldiers. They founded an airport, guesthouse, cinema, laundry, bakery… all the services that soldiers needed. The ruins of prison camps can still be discovered on the site.

+358 40 533 9880
Ivalontie 8775, 99690 VUOTSO

Saariselkä 40 km
Ivalo 70 km (airport)
Sodankylä 90 km 
Rovaniemi 220 km (airport)
Nordkapp 500 km
Helsinki 1030 km

Welcome to our home Vuotson Maja!